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I’ve been learning about APRS lately, and yesterday I successfully sent my first packet to PSAT and had it repeated.  I’m using a Baofeng UV-82HP HT along with the Mobilinkd TNC2 bluetooth TNC and APRSdroid on my LGV10 phone. For AMSAT use, I use my Arrow antenna.


I was able to hit PSAT again today.


Currently, the ISS is on a SSTV bender, but I’m going to attempt to swap packets in about 30 minutes from now.  Unless I’m getting good SSTV reception, then I’ll just record that and decode.


My first ISS reception

This morning, the ISS flew nearly directly overhead and I set up to listen in.  As I was doing my best to get the antenna pointed correctly, a perfectly empty carrier broke the static for about 2 seconds.  Then a few seconds later, RS0ISS came through saying hello.  A few seconds more and a clean SSTV signal came through.  I even remembered to record the audio this time!  I decoded the audio with my phone, and besides receiving two phone notifications during the recording (note to self: silence all alerts when using my phone to record audio!), the image came out OK for my first try.

Download Audio here