FOX-1A (AO-85) First Listen

Having been busy this fall with work, family, and riding motorcycles, I got caught up on AMSAT launches and saw that FOX-1A, or AO-85 is up and running.  I grabbed the trusty tape measure antenna last night and went outside for a pass that went nearly directly overhead.  The Android app ISS Detector makes it easy.

I was not geared up to make contact, but really just wanted to see how well I could receive the bird and who was talking.  With the correct antenna polarity, the carrier was super strong with clear audio.  Here are some of the call signs heard…


K4FEG – EM55

WO3T – FN00

W4DGA – FM18

KA4H – FM17


AD2KA – FN12

NM3B – FN01

Here’s a condensed recording of the pass.  I’ve removed the long portions of dead air and open squelch.


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